Onion Pakodas on rainy day

Yesterday I got time to cook after very long time. Last week me and my friends, we went on the New England trip. You can read more about this trip on New England trip on Independence day weekend.

Having spent last week sleepless and in haste, I hardly got any time to write blog or cook food. However, Friday was the day. I had only one onion left in the bag and no food ideas. I thought, why not make classic Indian Onion Pakodas?

As usual an YouTube video on how to make Onion Pakoda came to my rescue. Follow the exact same instructions. Please don't rely on water generated by Onion rings. That won't be enough for quantity of Gram and rice flour you add to pakoda batter. Add pinch of salt to give it a taste. You can also add nuts - Cashews and Peanuts to make it savory.

It took me an hour to make Onion Pakodas, from start to finish. The main thing was to make chunks out of batter. Some tips I would like to put forward.

  1. Add enough quantities of gram flour to batter. Don't add rice flour more than needed. It will spoil the taste. Gram flour is needed to hold lengthwise onion pieces

onion pieces

  1. Having lesser quantity of gram flour will not hold these onion pieces together and will cause pakodas to break while deep frying in the oil

  2. Apply the oil on your palms while making chunks of pakodas. It will avoid the batter from sticking to your hands

  3. Always make sure to have a quantity of oil enough to immerse 3/4 of pakodas by height. This will make sure they are well fried from all sides

  4. Before you drop Pakoda chunks in the oil, make sure that flame is set on medium high and oil is well heated. Adding chunks to half heated oil will cause it to stick to the bottom on cooking pan

  5. Make sure Pakodas are well covered from all sides by gram flour and fry them from all sides until their color changes to light brown

I hope these tips will help any aspiring chef. Let me know if you have any questions on it. No recipe is too hard or too simple to learn and execute. It's just a matter of much passion and attention you are willing to put into it.

And here are some of the pics of this amazing street food,