Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

So, I should not be saying it but it's my Birthday today. Every birthday I try to do something which I will remember next year. Just gives me hint to remember my birth date every year. I usually shun from making my birthday public which invites too many formal and cold wishing. If you remember by birthday without having to go through Facebook notifications, I respect that and your wishes mean a lot to me. But if you don't, that's cool too.

I don't really care when was a last time I celebrated my birthday with fanfare, but I usually spend time all alone in my apartment since I moved to United States 4 years ago.

It's feels kind of special that day, my family and few relatives wish me every year. And there are my close friends from college and graduate school. I feel so special to have such people in my life instead of having so many fake friends in Facebook friends list.

So on my birthday, I have following plans

  1. Make a homemade French fried (Yes, I made them last week, but this time I am going to improve them with some special ingredients).

  2. Go to Fazoli, have a cheese pizza and buy a New York style cheesecake and celebrate my birthday by myself

  3. Publish two new apps to app store. (One is educational app to make customer familiar and knowledgable about periodic chemical elements and other being an airline app which will give all information about air flight. Do check them out!)

  4. Write 1 more blog posts by the end of day

  5. Improve image effects app to make it ready for app store shipment next week

  6. Apply to some more companies. (I really try hard it each week, but fail to keep the goal. This time I hope I won't fail so badly)

I hope to achieve at least half the goals listed above. Will keep updating this post how it goes and thanks for reading it.

As I mentioned in other post, I bought myself a birthday gift by purchasing Apple developer account membership. It cost me $99, but I am planning to release few apps to store by the end of year. Hope this turns out well until my birthday next year.